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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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Why did My Book stop communicating with my computer?

The device lights up and I hear the disk spinning inside, however it is no longer detectable by the computer.  The indicator light goes from blue to red.  No longer going green.  This device has no physical damages.  It has been working perfectly for 7 years.  I need to recover my data if it cannot be fixed.  A million thanks for your help.

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@reshodan If you plug it into a different computer does the other computer detect the HDD?


Three possibilities:

1. Hardware failure in your drive. Some electrical component of your drive has given up the ghost. The fix here would be to remove the drive mechanism and install it in a third-party enclosure, then toss the original enclosure.

2. Drive failure. Just because the drive is spinning up doesn't mean that it's good. No real fix here except for professional data recovery and the purchase of a new drive.

3. The drive's firmware is corrupt. This is the most likely; My Drives are fairly notorious for being bricked by bad firmware. Numerous guides exist to revive them, though keep in mind you MAY lose your data in the process. Here's a guide (with links to other guides and resources) to get your started.



Hi @reshodan ,

Check out the "bizarre" connection method as mentioned in the question in this link.

WD my passport ultra 2TB is not showing up on explorer.

Just a thought.

If it works back up your data while you have access ;-)


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This usually means the drive’s SATA to USB interface board failed. It’s very rare the drive has failed, although it does happpen.

If this is a WD Ware drive, there is hardware encryption you cannot turn off. The problem with these drives is the drive will appear blank to the system because what happens is there are no other drive controllers that support them encryption so the drive will appear empty. If it’s one of these drives, you will need to repair the controller or take it to a data recovery company if you do not want to find a tested drive of the same model to get your data off. I suspect you have one of these based on the age.

If yours is pre WD Ware, then you can buy a standard enclosure or USB interface with SATA and have access to your data. Hopefully you have one of these drives, so you can buy an enclosure or cable to read the drive again.

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