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The second generation of the Ford Ranger, featuring a mild restyling and new engine sizing.

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How to remove gas tank from 1994 ford ranger

how to remove gas tank from 1994 ford ranger?

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Hey, Gene. To remove the gas tank you’re going to want to siphon all the old gas out first. This will make the tank lighter and much easier to handle. (If you’re just changing the fuel pump you may want to consider leaving the tank in; on my Ranger, I just removed the bed of the truck.) You need to disconnect the filler tube from the tank. This is the tube that connects to the filler port where you pump gas. This should be secured with a single hose clamp, although you may need to loosen the 4 retaining bolts behind the “gas door” to be able to move the filler tube. Put some 2x4s between your jack and the bottom of the tank and put light pressure on the tank to hold it in place. Remove the 2 bolts that secure the metal straps holding up the gas tank. Remove the straps. Let your jack down slowly just a few inches. Don’t let the tank all the way down or it’ll put too much weight on the remaining fuel lines and damage them. That should give you enough room to reach up between the top of the tank and the bottom of the truck bed. There are two fuel lines connected to the top of the tank you’ll need to disconnect, as well as an electrical connector for the pump. Carefully inspect the tank to make sure there are no additional hoses such as EVAP hoses still connected (it varies from car to car). If not, the tank should be free and you’re ready to drop it the rest of the way down. If you need any of these steps explained in more detail or help with any of the connectors, let me know and I’ll try to help you further. Good luck with your repairs!

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Becareful when removing the lid it breaks very easily


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