Is it possible to install a 12.5mm hdd?

I'd like to replace my internal hard drive with a bigger one and the biggest you can get is 1TB but those drives all have a height of 12.5mm. I was wondering if the drive would fit or if I should stick with the regular 9.5mm ones.

Thanks in advance!

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Only the MacBook Unibody Late 2009 / Mid 2010, MacBook Pro Unibody (2008/2009/2010), and 17" MacBook Pro (2006/2007/2008) models can accommodate a 12.5mm tall drive.:

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I am not going to vote on this. Please tell me how the duel hard drive adapter kit, sold by iFixit for some Mac Mini models lets two 9.5mm drives fit where you say one 12.5 mm won't on those models?


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With the dual hard drive kits, one drive takes the place of the optical drive.

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