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won't turn on after doing a smc reset

I tried doing a smc reset but nothing it turns on but the white light stays on

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there high risk GPU is dead - as they are tend to overheat and burn :(


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Disconnect the battery and mag-safe charger. Press and hold the power on button for 10 seconds. Reconnect and you should get a spontaneous reboot.

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After doing that mine just spins its fans at full blast until I turn it off. Black screen, the sleep light stays on like the screen is closed but it's not.


Not good. Why did you do a SMC rest in the first place? What was going on? Any spills or drops?


@mayer I got it from goodwill and it had a broken screen. I replace the screen (RAM and HDD upgrade too while I'm at it) and it wouldn't boot up, just black screen and sleep light on (same things explained by OP). I've been looking around to see what would be wrong but can't find out anything on my problem.


I don't have a clue, I think you have thrown good money after bad. Maybe @danj can think of something I;m missing.


Sadly this series logic boards are not very good. Time to throw the towel in.


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