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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Surface pro 3 - Key board not working and back light keeps flashing


I have a surface pro 3, suddenly the type cover key board stopped working, I tried all the solutions in the internet, volume up and power button, brushed the magnets underneath, filter keys and updated the drivers as well, but nothing works, But one unique thing that is happening in the keyboard is, The back light keeps flashing non stop when i connect it with the surface pro, even when its turned off. Any help is appreciated.



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If you have a multimeter I would almost check the connector on the keyboard for a short circuit or a pulsing voltage coming from one of the leads.

Sounds like the keyboard is doing bad things to your device. Wouldn’t advise using it at all.

Try bringing it into a Microsoft store if you have one and showing them what it does (on one of the floor models.) :)

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