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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Help! Created a backup too big to open!?!

First of all I hate PCs, and although I may be somewhat well adapt around Macs, I'm not so much around things created by Microsoft.

I was planning on updating my Acer Laptop from Windows XP to Windows Vista business. I wanted to do a clean install, so I attempted to back up everything beforehand. My problem is, I ended up doing a back up of the ENTIRE computer, Windows files, operating system, and everything that was already on the external HD. It created a back up in .bkf format. The Acer is now entirely empty and cannot read the file until I turn on 'removal storage management' under the Window system preferences, but every time I try it ends up with an error.

The back up is on a 500GB disk, and the entire file itself is 258GB. Everything I've tried has said that there is not enough memory on the computer or the HD to open the file.

Is there any way that you know of that would allow me to not actually open the files, but just see them so that I could delete the duplicated HD files and all the Windows ones allowing me the space I would need to restore the backup files I want?

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Now Brownbailey, I am sure you do not hate PC's ;-)you might dislike them.... Anyhow try this first and see if it changes anything. Since you did not tell us which OS you are using I have some XP stuff here.

Start, Run, NTBACKUP. For XP-Home, you first have to install it.

Although Windows XP Professional Edition and XP Home both ship with NTBackup, only XP Pro installs NTBackup by default. You can install NTBackup for XP Home by performing the following steps:

Insert the XP Home CD-ROM.

Navigate to the VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP folder.

Double-click the ntbackup.msi file to install NTBackup.

Now if you still have issues with it, I'd try a BKF file recovery program like this or you can check links like this and that to see what will work for you. Appears to be strictly a software issue. Here is some freeware that might help you as well. Good Luck.

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Ah... that is what I was trying to do, but NTBACKUP won't run unless the removal storage management is turned on, which for some reason I can't do. The Acer is currently empty running Vista Business, only other OS I have access to right now is 10.5.8


try to use one of the freeware bkf recovery programs and see if you can straighten out your bkf Was the backup done with Vista?


I created the back up with XP, just before I wiped everything off :(

And I don't have an XP disc. Would have to downgrade back to it in order to fix this..?


I remember there are issues when restoring bkf from previous versions and here is the best answer for that http://www.vistax64.com/vista-general/23... give that a try. remember that you need xp files to restore. Hope you can get your hands on a copy


A very good reason to use a third party backup software +


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