No backlight on LCD after replacement

Hello everyone,

I checked and rechecked all topics I found but still no answer.

I’ve MacBook unibody A1342. S/N: W8945TYJ8PW. It’s MacBook6,1. Has two more numbers on the board. W89440DD3CXRA, which I assume is some memory number and has also: EMC No 2350.

Got it without a display and purchased one. Everything works but the back light. Checked fuse F9800 and the fuse has 11.12V on both sides, so I’d say the fuse is fine but since I am not an expert, I’m just sharing my findings and thoughts.

I also check and rechecked the VLCD connector and it looks fine to me. I made a photo of it which I’m attaching.

The laptop top works fine with an extrernal display. The laptop’s display works fine when I flash it with a flashlight. I checked the screen intensity and it’s controlled fine from the keyboard. As you guessed, doesn’t matter in what position it is, no light even at slider slid to maximum.

The WiFi works fine. The built-in camera works fine.

Where I’m making a mistake? What do I miss? How to check things?

Thank you in advance.


Block Image

Block Image

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