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Apple's 1st generation stylus for the iPad Pro, announced September 9 and launched mid November 2015. Model A1603.

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My Apple pencil won't charge after 2 years I didn't using it?

My Apple pencil won't charge after 2 years I didn't using it?

Any one has solution please

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Hi @anwar0 ,

After 2 years of non charging the battery has most probably become depleted beyond recovery and would need to be replaced.

According to the ifixit Разбираем Apple Pencil guide, the pencil is very difficult to repair.

It may also be that it will be difficult to source a suitable replacement battery if you did decide to try and open it without damaging it too much and causing more problems.

Repairing the pencil may not be an option

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I concur. Replacing the battery on this stylus is near to impossible due to how Apple has designed it. You're better off getting a new Apple Pencil. Save yourself from frustration and disappointment.


See if apple has a battery service for pencil may be cheaper...


Same issue, and I think it's a $29 out of warranty fee. With AppleCare (purchased separately) it's free.


Note this teardown is an apple 1 pencil, not the second generation


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