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Released in 2006, identified by model number PP20L for e1505

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Screen goes Dark + Replaced Inverter and Backlight Already

The screen on my laptop would sometimes go dark and I could see the ghost images. It was happening for a couple of months. I was getting around this by switching to sleep mode and back which seemed to do the trick. Recently, the screen wouldn't light up at all, so for the moment I am using an external screen which worked. I did some research and the problem seemed to either be the inverter or the backlight. I replaced the inverter first which didn't seem to make any difference, then I replaced the backlight. It sometimes works and other times does not, switching to sleep mode and back seems to work now. However I'm sure it will stop working again. I'm thinking now it could be the inverter cables. Is it worth the hassle to replace this aswell? It would nearly have been cheaper to replace the whole screen at this point. Whats your advice?

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Dear Gary,

could you tell me where I can find the repair guide you used to repair the converter of your Dell Inspirion 6400?

Thanks & Best regards



Tobias Pfanner, Sorry I am not Gary, but Gary hasn't been here for almost a year. Have you tried to check on here http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/SY... ;-) ?


Dear oldturkey03,

thanks for your fast answer!


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Solved the problem.

I took out the new inverter I put in an replaced it with the old one. Bam it works perfectly. Turns out the new one was faulty!



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The same happened to me AFTER a the inverter was exchanged: Cause: The cable connection to the inverer was not fixed...


Hola mi laptop tiene pantalla negra se ve muy pokito k puedo Aser será un cable del screem


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I would Definitely replace the inverter cables before doing anything else, but first check their connections to the board and the logic board.

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