Touch ID Button connected to the Touch Bar Controller

I have a Late 2016 15in Touch Bar MacBook Pro. The top case got bent so I ordered a new one. The case came with a lot of the hardware - battery, speakers, audio jack, and Touch Bar Controller. I pulled all the parts except these from the old top case and moved them to the NEW case. I made sure to move the Touch ID button over since I know I have to use the original since it was paired to the T1/T2 chip on the logic board.

After I got the laptop put back together everything is working fine except the Touch ID. The thing does not even work as a power button (force reboot button). I am thinking I either broke the button or did not re-connect it properly to the logic board. When I go into Settings for the Touch ID it says it can’t add any more finger prints and that I must remove one from an account to add one. There is only one account on this machine. Sure looks like the Touch ID sensor is not connected….

However I was wondering could the fact that I am using the NEW Touch Bar Controller be causing the issue?

Also this top case is has an international keyboard vs. US keyboard?

I am using same OLD logic board and OLD Touch ID sensor/button

Any ideas as I go back and tear this thing back a part once more time?

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