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Blu ray not responding what so ever

I have an original ps4. The blu ray drive is not responding what so ever. If I try & insert a disc, nothing! If I force feed the disc in, nothing! The only thing it will do is 3 beeps from the eject button but nothing else works. Wiring all looks fine & the flat ribbon cable is brand new, the blu ray internals all good as well (including that little white piece that has a tendency to pop out)

I'm completely stumped though why it's not responding what so ever & I can't find an answer anywhere. I also know IF the logic board isn't the one ‘married’ to the ps4 that the blu ray should still respond & at least try reading the disc or accept/eject discs

Hope someone can help or give me an answer!

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I think it is likely that you have a motherboard issue, but let’s try some troubleshooting just to be sure.

Take a look at the guide below and try some of the things that are in it. Let me know if any of them work.


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Your exact symptoms are unclear. Is the optical drive not feeding the disc, that is, you can’t insert discs? A loose cable can cause that or the blue rollers need to be repositioned including the white rod between them. When you open the Blu-ray drive by the gray cover with gears and springs with three screws holding it with the blue rollers facing you there's a white sliding mechanism on the left side that needs to be pushed forward where you can slide forward and back. You need to push this slider forward. Then, you can push down on the blue rollers, and they’ll naturally lift back up. If the drive is not reading discs, then you need to clean the laser lens with alcohol or replace it. If that doesn't work, then replace the optical drive. The new drive will need your original drive’s PCB as it’s married to the console’s motherboard. If you've narrowed it down to the drive's PCB being bad, check to see if the fuses there are shorted or other faulty components. Last resort is to swap the 128-pin IC chip to a donor board. Sounds like you just need to fix the rollers by your description. Also possible someone could’ve jammed something inside the drive.

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Symptoms are unclear?! Think I made it pretty much crystal clear in my second sentence outwards

'The blu ray drive is not responding what so ever. If I try & insert a disc, nothing! If I force feed the disc in, nothing!'

I've found the solution now anyway as it's the logic board itself causing the problem. I got hold of another ps4 (same model) & the blu ray drive from the ps3 in question accepted discs, span them etc (but obviously couldn't play them because it wasn't married to the ps4)

Fixed it by buying the exact same logic board on ebay, removing the 'renesas ic chip' from it & putting the exact same chip off the faulty logic board!


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