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Designed in 1991, the fourth generation Maxima arrived in May 1994 for the 1995 model year as the A32.

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heard a pow sound it was in drive in going in stop moving in drive

I was driving and heard a pow sound it was in drive in going in stop moving in drive I put it in reverse in it didn't move in reverse

Not at all but was still running but not move while in a gear

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Do you have a 1995 or 1996? all 1996-present USDM vehicles have OBDII, but not all MY 1995. If you have a pre-OBDII, then you will need to know the pattern used by OBDI Maximas to diagnose the fault. If it’s a 1996-1999, you can get an ODBII code reader and then see if there are any stored DTCs that may be of assistance.

It sounds like your transmission blew a gear out if it isn’t moving in D. You’re going to be dealing with an expensive repair. At this point it isn’t going to be worth getting it rebuilt since the cost will exceed a good used one and potentially the whole vehicle. Find out how much a good used tested one costs and compare it to a 1996-1999 in price. If the cost of the transmission is 40-50% of the cost of the entire vehicle (include labor if you aren’t handy with a wrench), you are better off scrapping it and buying a used one similar to yours with OBDII or parting this one out and selling the parts, if you choose to. If you don’t want to, you can sell the entire thing to a scrap yard but you won’t get as much money out of your old car.

If it’s the engine, you’re better off scrapping it unless you can find a low mileage engine (and matching dash cluster). The majority of used engines for a 19-23 year old car will have high mileage on them to the point the engine isn’t worth considering.

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