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Windproof and water-resistant, the Patagonia Nano Puff ® Jacket is made with warm, incredibly lightweight, highly-compressible insulation, and is ideal as either an insulating layer or outerwear.

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Adding a hood to my Nano puff Jacket?

So I have had my current Nano Puff jacket for a little over a year and I absolutely love it. The one thing I wish I would have considered when purchasing a Nano Puff jacket would be to buy one with a hood. Is there anyway I can send my jacket in to get a Nano Puff hood added to it? I understand that most people would just buy another Nano Puff jacket with a hood but I find that to be a complete waste as my current jacket is in great shape and functions fine! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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There are local shops you can find that will do modifications to gear. They’d need to look at your specific hood. There is a local shop here in Seattle that will take mail in order repairs: http://rainypass.com/modifications/

Although the reason most folks will just buy a new one, is that the cost of that alternation will likely be more than buying a new jacket. That is unfortunately the nature of a mass production society. But I agree with your sentiment about not wanting to get rid of something that works fine. Though you likely could find a new owner for it.

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