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S8 новейший флагманский смартфон компании Samsung, представленный на Unpacked 2017 в апреле.

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How to setup S8 when restored and broken screen?

I’ve purchased Galaxy S8 with broken screen - someone did factory restore (what I see from bottom of the screen - language choose)

I’ve tried to connect to SmartSwitch under MacBook but I got “Failed to connect Device”

I got non-brand USB C dongle with HDMI + USB full size and another USB C for power (I put there Samsung Fast Charger for extra charge)

I saw on Youtube someone had the same looking dongle (but not sure if exactly) and it was working this way (dongle connected to S8 + charger to dongle + HDMI to TV + mouse to USB) BUT…… that person got…… “set up” Android already - not like me - stuck on language selection because touch screen is not working and just bottom of the screen is working (barely).

Or is there any chance to setup Android (on S8) without working touch screen?

Thank You


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I did all the research I could and I came up inconclusive. I don’t think there is a way to set up a phone with a cracked screen that is hard reset.

The reason why that guy was able to use that “dongle” with his S8 is because he had a special application that allowed him to do so.

Your best bet of setting this right is to replace the screen. It’s going to be difficult and expensive but it’s really your only chance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Replacement

Galaxy S8 Screen Assembly

Galaxy S8 Screen Assembly Изображение


Galaxy S8 Screen Assembly


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thank You for reply - but that screen itself cost TWO TIMES more that S8 itself + additional money to pay for labour.

So replacing screen is not an option for me :(


The best option for you might be selling this phone on eBay for parts and getting a used version of this phone. You’re out of options here.


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