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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Shows charging symbol but not charging

Hi all

I have an ipad air 2 which I have had to change the battery on as was not powering on, but now after changing the battery it will power up but will not go past 3% and just keeps rebooting, also noticed that touch ID is now not working, there is no damage at all to the ipad or the screen nor any liquid ingress, so at a loss , the only thing it may be is I dont have the correct charging plug for it as using a iphone plug at present (one on the way tomorrow), so maybe not be able to draw enough juice, but battery percentage fluctuates between 1-3% when on charge too and constantly reboots every 4-5 minutes of being on charge, also at a loss as to why the touch ID is now not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The small iPhone charging brick should be able to charge the iPad but it takes much longer. Additionally, when the screen is on, the charger barely feeds it enough juice to compensate for whats being used so that may explain why the charge is not going above 3%. You could turn off the screen and let it charge overnight and that should suffice. If it doesn’t charge at all, even with the screen off, that may be indicative of a problem with the charge system (charger, charge port, charge circuit).

Hopefully you ordered an original Apple or MFi certified charger, cheap chargers can damage the charge circuit.

As for the Home Button, if the Touch ID no longer works, you may have damaged the HB or flex cable. Take a close look at it, preferably with magnification. Look for tears or any other form of damage. Even the slightest damage can cause issues.

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Hi, thanks for the info, I have checked under magnification and cannot see any issues with the ribbon cables or FPC connectors, I have also cleaned them with Isopropyl but still an issue, this issue started when my friend went to the Philippines to visit family and he said the power grid is a bit ropy over there and they had a outage which he believes caused this problem also to 3 iphones that also had on charge as the time of the storm which steers me to believe it may have blown something on the boards, the 3 iphones are back working now after changing the batteries but the saga of the ipad continues


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