How repair Gimbal on mavic 2 pro?

After my first fly a small crash falled (1m )

and after that I have a Gimbal overload problem

The drone look fine the gimbal too

I found spare parts for the drone ( the flat cable) not hard to replace but i don’t think it’s the problem

and the “Signal Cable Gimbal Camera Signal Transmission PTZ Flex Cable”

but for this part I have no idea how tear down the gimbal

Google doesn’t help for the moment

anyone have any idea how do it?

Thank you in advance

ps: I can’t send it to DJI sadly

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Long story short I wrecked my drone too. similar scenario. the thing looks great, but I still get a motor overload warning. looks like the last thing I haven't tried fixing is the "Signal Cable Gimbal Camera Signal Transmission PTZ Flex Cable"


Have you made any progress Ross?


Yeah I went ahead and bought a zoom camera gimbal and installed it.

Everything on the drone works great now!

The drone woke up and basically thought it was a zoom drone all along


So what have u done with your previous gimbal.? @ross


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