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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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put a lcd on 21.5 iMac a1311 can here it boot but screen is black

Bought a used iMac A1311 without a display screen. It was tested before I bought it and was released by an apple tech as it functions as intended.

Bought a screen and installed it. Turned it on and got 3 beeps. Checked and fixed the RAM and tried again. This time got the Apple chime could here it booting but screen was black. Also replaced cable #593-1280 A. Double checked everything still a black screen.

Haven’t tried an external display yet, had to order a Mini DisplayPort adapter.

In the meantime any ideas what I can try while I’m waiting for this adapter.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you


Your other posting:

Bought this iMac used from a reputable seller of macs. He tests everything he sells. All it needed was the screen which I bought separately, also replaced the main cable 593-1280A.

I did have trouble plugging it into the logic board, tight squeeze! But the vertical sync cable won’t connect where it’s supposed to go. One Mac has a plug in cable and the other has a ribbon connection. The ribbon looks damaged could this be it?

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Very odd sale here! An Apple (Apple Store) tech wound’t be allowed to return the system in this state. He would be required to put the original screen back on. Even if it was brought in without a display or the display was damaged and they needed to sell the system as it was abandoned they would need to fix it first with a new display!

If this was an authorized store these rules also apply to them. Think of it this way you go to a BMW dealer and he has this car without an engine do you trust the rest of the car is working even though the dealer rep states the car is working, just needs a new engine.

Wouldn’t he just put the engine in so he can sell it at a better price? Would you take the gamble?

It's starting to get expensive here ;-{

I hope you got a good deal as you may end up paying too much. Can you get your money back for both the system and the display?


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@lynnwood53 either you identified your iMac incorrectly or you do have the wrong parts. The attached image will show you the proper part numbers for your iMac if is it indeed a Mid 2010. You do want to go ahead and verify that. You also want to let us know which panel part number you bought so we can verify that for you. It does sound like you have the wrong parts.

Block Image

Update (12/13/2018)

@lynnwood53  your iMac is a "Core i3" 3.06 21.5-Inch (Mid-2010). The panel for that is a LM215WF3 (SD) (A1) Apple part number 661-5536. The panel you have is a LM215WF3(SL)(A1) which is Apple part number 661-5303 and is for a iMac 21.5" Late 2009. They are NOT compatible. The connections on CN1 are wired totally different. That V-sync cable helps the larger displays to stay,well in sync. Without it you would hear a high-pitched whine from the display and there will be flickering, harmonic vibration in the image.It forces the images displayed to be shown as a whole.

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@lynnwood53 I am going to sort this LCD situation out and send you an email about it tomorrow.


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First restart your system in a darkened room, do you see any glow from the screen? If you do, try placing a flashlight on the screen at a sharp angle you should be able to see the faint image of desktop icons and background.

If you don’t see the glow but do see the screen image with the flashlight then the backlight circuit needs repairs. If you do see the glow but don’t see the screen image either the LVDS display cable needs replacing or the GPU logic need repairs.

Does the external display work once you get the adapter?

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Did you get the correct part for this system?


Addendum: I found your other posting and brought it here. It does give us a bit more to chew on ;-{

Sounds like you got the wrong display for your system! Here's the parts that make up the display assembly and its connections

- LDC panel 21.5" P/N 661-5536

- Cover glass P/N 922-9343

- T10 screws (8) P/N 922-9246

- LVDS Cable P/N 922-9497

- V-Sync Cable P/N 922-9368

- LCD Temp Sensor P/N 922-9623

If you forced the connections you could have damaged the logic board connectors!


Addendum #2: I found your other posting and brought it here. Its best to say focused on the one question entry with follow ups.

@oldturkey03 it’s the iMac girl with all the wrong lcd displays. Thanks again for all your help.

Still looking for the right one (SD)(A1). Just doesn’t seem to be one out there for under $100. Anybody got any ideas where to look next?

In the meantime I did hook up the iMac I bought that was supposed to work but had no LCD. And I’m pleased to say it does. Hooked it to another monitor, it works great,

Now if I can find it it’s own display that would be great. Come on down with those ideas.

Thank you



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