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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos. Model Number: SM-J320F/DS

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What is wrong with the screen of my phone? And what do I need for it?

It fell from my hands to the floor as the screen was facing downwards. Then its screen went complete black. But it still accepts finger touches. Like I can unlock my phone (it has a slide lock), answer a call etc. Because I approximately know where to touch and slide to perform those operations. Also, there’s a little cracked scratch line on the screen, and the whole screen looks like it’s kind of wet when I put it under light. Now I want to buy the screen needed online. But I’m a little bit confused what exactly is needed, and so I don’t want to pay for a wrong phone part. So I decided to ask for help to figure it out. I did a little bit of research and this is what I found:


Is that what I really need for my phone?

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That part should work fine for you. The LCD and the digitizer are fused together so you can’t just replace one part without all the skills and tools necessary. Before replacing the screen, make sure the display cable is tightly connected and not partially disconnected as that may be why you have no display.

TL;DR: Yep, thats the right part. Make sure the existing display is tightly connected before replacing the full screen, just in case.

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