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Released in North America in November 2006.

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wii freezes up a few seconds into menu screen

Hi, Ive got a wii that when i try to play something, it will start up and once its on the menu, a few seconds it freezes. it keeps doing this. Is this a heat problem? can i fix it with reapplying heatsink paste? I remember this was a problem with xbox 360. is there a solution to this? or am I out a wii? Thank you all in advance!

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I have the same problem...

also a buzz from the speakers but I think that may be bad RCAs


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It's ok if you want to check the system back cooler or the system cooling paste in the main processor, but when system freezes at boot screen or initializing main screen menu, normally is an operating system problem.

Just try to upgrade system before open your Wii.

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any suggestion as to how to upgrade it since it always freezes a couple seconds into starting up?


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