Is the LCD screen all I need?

I had an accident to where my iPod Touch 2G screen was cracked but it still worked so I kept using it. I guess once its cracked it can only be dropped so many times before it gets worse. Now my iPod cant recognize when I touch the screen. The picture and color is still good and still clear, nothing out of place or lines on the screen, it just can't read my finger touching it.

I remember reading up on something saying there is like 3 layers of screen in an iPod so im the LCD replacement screen all I need to get to fix my problem?

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You will need a digitizer, not a LCD, the LCD is the part with the picture, which is working fine. The digitizer is the glass piece that you touch with your fingers. These are very easy to find, i recommend purchasing one with the frame and homebutton already attached.

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Hi there, what James said is correct. You will need to replace your digitizer. I recommend buying it from ebay.

For the digitizer, click here

Hope this was of help to you and goodluck!

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