Why doesn't itunes recognize the iPod nano?

When I plug in the ipod nano into the usb port. Itunes doesn't recogize it. How can I make it show up and work on itunes

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Don't know if this will work, but it worked on my 5th gen Ipod.

Plug it in to your to your Mac or PC via usb cable. Open iTunes. Then Hold the volume down and the sleep bottom until the Nano reboots. If it still doesn't appear on your iTunes but it does appear on your desktop, then there is a problem with your firmware. You may have to find the firmware on the web or look it up in youtube.

Hope that helps. Have a good one.

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Same solution. Worked perfectly: hold down volume down and sleep button simultaneously until reboot Apple appears. Let it boot up and it should now appear in iTunes Devices.

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