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A chromebook produced by Lenovo in 2016 for educational use.

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What are these two dial-like graphics?

Hi, I'm an inspiring Chromebook technician and I took the cover off, then the battery, exposing two interesting things. A sticker reading “Wonderful sputtering WDF” with a date, written in Ymd format, “2016.06.11 N,” and two dial like graphics, one having the numbers 0-3 spaced evenly, as well as a similar graphic with the numbers 0-9. There is also a graph coupled with a recycling symbol displaying the number 7.

What are these and what do they mean? I belive the Wonderful sputtering WDF sticker is a manufacturing sticker put there by whoever assembles these things, possibly by a worker. The Ymd format leads me to believe it came from China, or other similar country.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @lyrahstrings ,

The dials are production markers/mold indicators. It is stamped into the plastic in order to track parts for inventory or quality assurance. It is also often used to mark production dates or to track which mold was used in case of defects.

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This is a sticker, not the dials. I just came across the same sticker that says wonderful sputtering.


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