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Won't boot past blue screen after software updates

Fixing up an old MacBook Pro (2,2) for my mom, here's what I did:

Wiped the drive clean and installed Snow Leopard on it, maxed the RAM at 3 GB and put in a new battery.

After I boot the machine and run software updates, it will not boot past the blue screen. Afterwards if I let the battery run all the way down and let it sit over night it will boot.

Here's the suggestions I've tried:

-Zapping the PRAM ect...

-Repairing the permissions and the disk itself

-Re-seating the RAM

-Putting the old RAM back in

-Safeboot, it will boot into safeboot

-fsck in single user mode

-Clean re-install of the OS

My questions would be the following:

-Has anyone seen this before?

-Is this a symptom of anything hardware specific (Drive failing, Motherboard ect...?)

-Anything I have missed?

Thanks a head of time.


So replacing the drive did help in the fact that I now can get it to boot right away but only after re-setting the SMC. So I am unsure why the SMC needs to be re-set after each software update that I do, but otherwise it will not boot beyond the blue screen again. Any ideas?

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Is this the 2.16 or the 2.33 GHz machine?


So it turned out to be that the hard drive was failing after all, I used SMART utility to diagnosis this and an iFixit guide to swap out the drive. Thanks for everyone's help! Also of note: the Apple Hardware test did NOT catch the drive failure...


Change the hdd thats it ...


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Shut down the computer.

Unplug the computer's power cord.

Remove the battery.

Wait fifteen seconds.

Press the power on button for 10 seconds.

Attach the computer's power cord.

Press the power button to turn on the computer.

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try to remove the hard drive and boot through the dvd without hard drive . if it boot to the welcome menu . then put the hard drive back and remove all the partitions and restart ur laptop and reinstall the mac.

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