MacBook Pro A1212 overheats when plugged into power

I bought my MacBook Pro model A1212 about 2 months ago and since ive had it i noticed that it gets really hot when plugged into power, sometimes crashes when it gets really hot and occasionally gets thin horizontal lines in the screen (possibly unrelated?)

I have installed smcFanControl to keep it cooler but still sometimes crashes. I have seen the temperature reach up to 70°C on max fan speed a couple of times, so im getting pretty worried i might fry something if i haven't already. Altho on battery it never goes above 45-50°C and i can leave the fans on default speed

I have read that it could be that my heat sink needing new thermal paste, but that wouldnt explain why it doesnt get hot on battery..

Any suggestions?

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Depending on energy settings (control panel) the computer runs on limited power when unplugged. I'd really recommend giving it a good clean and new thermal paste first. You'll find all instructions on this site (Repair Guides).

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yeah thats what i was thinking, ive had it open before because the keyboard and trackpad stopped working, and its a bit dusty inside it so a good clean and new thermal paste is next on the agenda.

let you know how it goes after that.


+ I agree totally with new thermal paste, I've seen the heat sink vents blocked 80% on this machine and you can't get to it until you pull the heat sink.


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