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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Upgrade Logic Board MacBook Air from 2013 to 2017


I am curious if it is possible to swap a 2013 Macbook Air logic board with a MBA 2017 logic board.

I saw some post at (Upgrade MacBook Air A1466 i5 2013 logic board with a newer one 2015) claimed that he successfully installed a 2015 logic board on a 2013 MBA body. Since the logic board for MBA 2015 is similarly identical with the MBA 2017, wouldn’t it fit for 2013?

The reason being is I am not looking forward to trade-in my MBA with the latest one, I just want to upgrade the components only.

Requesting for experts out there to assist me in this one.

Thank you

  • My Macbook Air is:
  • "Core i5" 1.3 13" (Mid-2013) MD760LL/A
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Is the same true for the Macbook Air 11” – I am pondering if it is possible to replace my Mid 2012 logic board with a 2015 (Thunderbolt 2) board. I’m wondering if it fits the body 2012 body?


There's more than the upgraded Thunderbolt port, you'll need a new SSD and display - Not worth it! Cheaper to get a used 2015 system than trying to upgrade this one.


Dan, how about upgrading 2012 11' to early 2014?

Will it fit?


@Andrey Kosilov - Haven't tried! The older systems SSD is not compatible so you'll need a new one as well.

Reference: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs


will a 13" MBA logic board fit in a 11" MBA?


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You do realize the cost of replacing the logic board is about what you can find a 2017 model used!

How is the display and the case’s condition? Is the keyboard and the trackpad still in good shape? You’ll likely need to replace the battery as well as they do wear out! And lastly hows your SSD? It may need to be replaced as well.

So consider all of that in your cost analysis. If I were you I would look at getting a 2017 model new or used as it will be a better investment. Having a second system is not such a bad thing either!

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First of all thank you for your comment, appreciate it. But we may differ in our opinions.

My current MBA works flawlessly, no issues what so ever. my MBA is in good condition. The battery is still in good performance, only 200+ cycles since 2013.

For SSD I will be replacing it with EVO 970 by using an adapter from Sintech.

Based on what I have observed, I found MBA 2017 logic board as low as 300 dollars, meanwhile in eBay a pre-owned MBA 2017 cost starts from 500 bucks.

I want to confirm also whether the cables are identical with each version.

Well you know what they say, Old is Gold ^^,


Delta of $200 makes more sense to get the used system.

The battery cycle count is not an absolute! I've had to replace a few batteries in the 2012/13 models as they just age badly.

I don't recommend these M.2 adapters I've seen to many fail.

Review this guide on the SSD's The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs. I would go with a OWC or Transcend SSD.


thank you for the insight.

You know for some people $200 is quite steep of a difference, but maybe not for you.

So your recommendation is just go for a used 2017 MBA rather than swapping the board right?

Let's say if I still insist to swap my board, could you recommend a reliable website for me to purchase the 2015/2017 logic board.

Appreciate it :)


Trust me! I'm a skinflint too and I'm also pennywise! I don't like spending more than I need too either. In your case your systems battery is getting old so it will likely fail soon. Your SSD is likely full and you could use more storage. Which is why I was recommending replacement of your system as being a wiser move.

You realize the 2015 is the same as the 2017 board. Only the CPU was altered with a newer version the specs are about the same for the 2017 and only the 8 GB was models sold. Maybe you should aim a bit lower if money is tight.

- MacBook Air 13" 1.6 GHz Core i5 (Early 2015)

- MacBook Air 13" 1.8 GHz Core i5 (2017)

The 2017 model boards are at sold at a premium.

IFIXIT offers good quality parts so I would go with them. They are a bit more as they offer a good warranty & return policy. Otherwise your other choices are a bit iffy (locked may not offer any returns or just disappear after the sale).


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Has anyone already _done_ this suggested MacBook Air 13" 2013 to 2017 logic board upgrade?

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I have. It’s a direct swap with no issues. Doubling the ram for less than $130 made it an easy decision. Once I sell my original main board I’ll have spent less than $40.


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Air 2013 upgraded with 2015 logicboard, Monterey compatible. All fine.

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Hi Alex,

I wish to upgrade my 2013 A1466 "13 /4 GB MacBook Air to 2015 or 2017 8GB logic-board.

I found some very good offers on ebay .... Can I do it ? I think the OS should a complete reinstallation .... I wish to have a Monterey compatible 8 GB machine !

I ask very much about your idea !!!!!

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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Yes, u can do that!


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2017 MBA logic board fitted to 2013 case. All good, just a bit slower to wake fro sleep mode.

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