Laptop no screen + turns off after dozens of seconds

My Sony Vaio laptop displays nothing and shuts down itself after ~20 seconds.

I reseated the RAM, the CMOS and cleaned the fan nothing helps. I connected an external monitor through VGA and tried the Fn + F7 combination i get no screen. Yesterday I heard the Windows loading sound so i think it’s not a problem of Processor, RAM or HDD but something else. I also have attempted with and without battery and HDD and kept the vacuum cleaner near the cooler exit but it seems there is no overheating issue.

Do you have any idea?

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Hi @cstrike ,

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen to check if there is a display or not. It will be very faint so doing this in a darkened room may be of some help.

Try this after attempting to enter BIOS during startup as this is independent of OS, i.e. after startup but before booting into OS.

If there is no image at all then there is a motherboard problem (as you said that there is no external display image either)

If there is an image then there is a backlight problem and possibly another problem as well (is there an error message perhaps on the screen?) as you said that there is no external display image either.

Sometimes (don't know about Sony) an external display mightn't work until an OS is loaded or there has been a successful POST.


Thanks for the tip, but I couldn't see anything with the torch. I think some component in the MOBO is fried, probably around the graphics card.


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