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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Horizon blur black line on top of MacBook Pro 2017

I found some blur black line on top of the screen. It will show when I use my MBP 2017 for a while like this.

(night mode)

(light mode)

when I turn off for 2-3 hours then turn on, It disappears.

but after use around 20-30 Min. The blur black line gradually come back again.

Update (12/14/2018)

@tomchai I have zoom-in and captured this from my phone.

Block Image

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I have checked the video closely again. More likely to be a problem with the LCD or display cable. Costs you a new display assembly anyway.


@tomchai thank you,

you help me a lot. So now I can accept to pay for change it.


hey Ronnie I have the same problem with my MacBook Pro 2017. so what did you do with yours. did you replace the screen ?


abubakarkhalid1993 - I would strongly recommend you get to an Apple Store as you likely have a defective display.


same thing to me isn't there any way except replacing whole display?


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Strange as the mouse icon doesn’t fade with it, I suspect this is some weird software effect, or the mouse icon does fade, but the camera didn’t capture it so well.

Or there is some complex failure modes changing the grayscale on those particular rows of pixels, so black and white looks OK, but the in-between colors scale down.


After turning up the video quality, it appears that there is some delayed fading and image retention on the failed area, so this is related to some flex cable or row gate IC issue, only affecting these particular rows.

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I would visit an Apple Store as this looks like a product defect.


@danj Unfortunately, my first year warranty just expired last month and I didn't buy the apple care.

So when i found this problem. I send it to authorized service provider for Keyboard Service Program (i got 6-7 sticky buttons) and ask them to check the display problem too.

They said I have to change the screen cuase of screen fail. and yes, I have to pay nearly half price of my MBP buying. So I stop there.

I back home and search for the worst case about screen failure is Burn-in that I have no choice ..just only change it.

but my screen ...it's not really look like the other burn-in case I found on internet.

So i'm not sure what is the really fail point of my computor. I need the second opinion because the authorized service provider never fix just change and replace and it's a huge money. T T

The one good thing that I sent my MBP to Apple Store is they didn't just change sticky buttons but change all the top-case for me. So I got a new battery.


I would still go! ASAP!!

You still have a chance here. You may need to push a little up the food chain but it should be fixed under a warranty exception. You also have a warranty on the repairs and any followup damage.


Mime was covered, this week. Saaaaaame issue but mine got to a point where it wad the whole screen. They are replacing it right now for free


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another way to change display assembly for free by apple. look for AR Coating problem. there are many case in MBP2017.

Claim for that reason you will get the new display even no apple care anymore. I think you can claim for that reason until late 2021 because apple spare part for 4 years.

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Here's a bit more on the program MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program Remains in Effect, But 2013-2014 Models No Longer Eligible

For your idea to work, you would need to show damaged coatings, Claiming it is a bit different than having it. Apple won't rebate the authorized service center for the replacement screen and an Apple Store genius will need to mark the screen with the damage to be validated otherwise they can loose their job!


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