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Repair guides and support for cars manufactured by Honda's luxury vehicle division, Acura.

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The door will be closed but its still gonna be saying door open

Please i have an acura tl 06 and it does this, the door will be closed but its still gonna be saying door open, if i pull on d door from inside just a bit, it disappears or when I’m driving and d car hits d slightest bump, same thing happens, how do i fix this pls?

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Hi @ogafemi ,

It appears as though you have either a loose or faulty door jamb switch.

You don’t say which door is having the problem (each door has its’ own switch) but here’s a link to a video for an Acura (doesn’t say the year but it should be very similar) which shows how to replace the door jamb switch.

Replacement switches are available online. Just search for 2006 Acura TL door jamb switch to get results for suppliers of the part.

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