Game crashes and all xbox support suggestions dont work


When i want to join a multiplayer game, the game will search and join the game. But when it is loading, the game freezes and then takes me back to the xbox lobby. Ive tried allmost anything; powercycle, restored the factory settings with and without the games deleted. Tried other accounts but none will work. Reinstalled it, with and without a the xbox restarting.

The game did launch 1 time, but after that it was just freezing again. Can someone help me with this? Its about fortnite

Kind regards, Ronald

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Game crashes to system home page, or just to game lobby?

Any error code?


To the xbox lobby, where you can choose the game to play


And no error code, it just freezes, and then goes back to the xbox lobby without a warning or error code


Any games or specific game? Happens randomly or during specific features? These consumer devices are troubleshoot because they designed the things to hide away any complexity, but also hide any obvious clues for troubleshooting. I remembered PS4 had a error history page, but not sure if there is one for Xbox.


Its only on fortnite. Maybe it has something to do with the unreal engine it runs on idk...It happens every time i want to join a game, but the funny thing is that just one time it did load. But after i closed the game the screen started freezing again. Ive searched for a error log but cant find one. Im guessing the harddrive is damaged or broken. To many resets maybe. Or there is something wrong with the firmwire. Idk...


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