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The MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro can be identified by its model number: MS-16J4. It's a high-end gaming laptop that was released in February 2015.

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Can I take my keyboard out and fix sticky keys then?

Hi!I spilled some juice over my keyboard and now some keys are sticky, I oppned my pc to try to take the keyboard out and then cleaned it but I found no easy way to remove it right away and did not want to dig further without being really sure how to do it.Is there a way to do it? Or should I just pop the sticky keys one by one out?

(My laptop its a MSI GL62 6QF)


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You can go for popping out keys one by one as without being repaired you are not able to use the keyboard properly


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You can pop the keys out, but quite often the mechanism underneath breaks. You may well do better by replacing the whole keyboard.

I’m not familiar with your particular laptop but it’s a simple matter to change the keyboard on virtually all traditional clamshell types like yours. Look through the repair and disassembly guides for similar MSI models, or check for a YouTube disassembly video. Yours, even if a slightly different model, will almost certainly be vey similar.

In short, there may be one or two screws passing through the laptop from the bottom, holding the keyboard in place, and/or you may have to unclip a bezel between the keyboard and the hinge. Then it’s normally just a case of releasing the clips along the top (or possibly bottom) edge of the keyboard, angling it up and out, and (gently) releasing the ribbon cable clamp.

You can usually find replacements quite cheaply on eBay. just make sure the one you choose is compatible with your exact model, and is the right nationality.

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Fairly sure these keyboards are plastic welded to the top casing I've done a few of these.


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