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Repair guides and support for laptops produced by Razer.

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Won’t turn on

Only faint caps lock and the power indicated blinks every ten seconds while holding down power

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it would help speed up your repair when we have an idea of what laptop you are having trouble with.



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Your laptop (maybe an HP or Dell) has a problem with the video card or cpu.

Turn the laptop on and touch any other key. Determine the pattern of the blinks.

For example an HP DV6 or7 blinks once and pause and again, or 2 blinks and pause.

Then with the model of ur laptop go the the manufacture website and find more information about the blinks.

Like an HP dv6 ca[s linking indicates and this is most of the time graphic card problem, although HP will say it is the CPU.

P.S. Sometimes disassemble the entire laptop and when assemble again makes it work and if it does save your data because the problem will come back.

P.S. When posting give as much information as possible e.g pc was working yesterday and now the problem or i left the pc on sleep or hibernation and the problem, etc.

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