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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Where can I find a logicboard charge connector diagram

I need a logic board diagram of the charging port solder pads as i pulled some off.

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You can look it up on gadget-manual.

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Hey Sammy...I'm not sure that iFixit wants folks sharing Apple schematics directly on this forum. We usually just point the OP to where they can find them themselves. Maybe I'm wrong so I'll let the moderators chime in. @oldturkey03 @mayer


You are probably right...some people say these electrical schematics are classified and any kind of disclosure would require authorization from Apple first, thank you Minho for the warning.


Hey Sammy, don't forget to use my proper @username, otherwise I don't get notifications :>).

For the OP, the schematics can usually be found on GSM Forum as well.


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