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The Wonderboom is a Bluetooth portable speaker from Ultimate Ears. Released in 2017. Model number: 984-000839.

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My wonderboom makes buzzing and crackling noises when music is playing

I need to get my wonderboom repaired or replaced as it buzzes and makes crackling noises when in use, can someone please help. The exterior is not damaged and there are no dents. I have only been using the wonderboom in the classroom it still looks new even though its approx 11 months old.

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I have this problem as well but it seems like no one knows what to do because I don't have any answers on my question as well.


Is the speaker plugged in?


This is an old topic but just in case. I had this problem that was slowly creeping (on and off over a few weeks) until the point where the bass speaker would crack like crazy (when playing low frequency sounds), and found a quick-and-cheap way to fix it.I took it apart and noticed that indeed the problem was the bass speaker.

I could not really fix it (I could not find the source of the problem), but just put a small magnetic screwdriver head (from these cheap Cr-V heads) against the speaker, which is magnetically hold against the diaphragm with the inside magnet. The buzz-sound was gone. The screwdriver head is small enough that you can re-assemble with no problem.


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Of it's Bluetooth connected then a poor signal could cause this. If wired then a poor cable (damaged or the tip is covered is crap) could cause it and also a headphone jack on your phone or PC could be filled with dust and crap that builds static causing it. If it's something that always happened from day one then idk but if it recently started the above could be a good answer for you.

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I had a similar problem and opened up my wonderboom by deskription in youtube. I couldnt found any physhical damage inside the speaker when I examined it, and some later I assembled it by request from my daughter (better a buzzing and crackling speaker than noone). To my suprise the problem was gone.

Sincerely, Ingvar from Sweden

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