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Based on the Toyota Matrix, the 2009-2010 Vibe was available in an economical base trim, an AWD mid-trim, and a sporty GT with more power and manual transmission.

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Passenger side window won't go up

Window won't go up using driver or passenger switch. All other windows will go up except passenger front side window

Update (12/23/2018)

Once thing I forgot to mention is that the passenger side will go down but not back up and only will go down by pressing the button on the passenger side but not on driver side main window panel @jimfixer @captainsnowball

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on page 225 of the manual (https://my.gm.com/content/dam/gmownercen...) check fuses 3, 4, 5, and 27.

Block Image

If any of those 4 fuses looks like the bad fuse shown in the image, then theres the issue. you will need to replace that fuse with one of the same amperage (same number written on the fuse)

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Well done @captainsnowball Ive never seen a vehicle that has 4 fuses for power windows before , most cars have 1 fuse fore both windows and power door locks. I would have looked right past the fuse issue since the other windows worked. That being said @missycanty Listen closely to the window when you try to run it do you hear a hum or any noise at all coming from the window . If so it could be a faulty window regulator . If no noise is heard and the fuse is not blown it could be a faulty window motor or bad wiring in the door. Hope this helps

This video gives an idea how to replace the regulator


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I’m having this same problem. Can’t find the fuse #27. I’m driving 2009 GT

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Any help would be great! The cover is not the same as the manual. And the actual fuse block doesn’t have #26 and #27.


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