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iPhone 7 stuck in boot, still after dfu? works for an hour after

Hello, I had an iphone 7 at my store yesterday.. the phone showed apple logo then turns off and apple logo appears again. I put the phone in recovery and updated via itunes. it was complete and I got to the lock screen typed in password. then everything seemed to work as it should. Today they came back, phone was back in boot loop. I put it back in recovery mode and itunes resat the phone back to “new”.

Now about 2 hours later they called and its the same issue even tho I was playing on the phone for about 30 minutes before calling them saying everything was fine.

Anyone know or has an solution to what the issue could be?

I did try with a new battery as well, same issue.

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1 ответ

i have n issue right now that a 7p boot loops after a screen replacement but if i unplug front camera flex it boots normally and stays on, if i plug in cam flex with phone on it works for 2 mins then starts boot looping, not sure this is any relevance to your issue but try running with front cam unplugged and see what happpens

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That is an different issue. all you need to do is to replace the facetime-flex its because the iphone 7 plus facetime flex is really sensitive being pulled of the old screen

I might test it tho. it was never a screen repair or anything has been repaired on the device. it only came to my store because of boot loop issues,.


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