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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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HDD makes a click but doesn't read?

After turned on, the reader makes a click. it sounds like the gear is skipping and doesn't move. Does not show on the Finder but can be seen in the profiler as unknown device, showing both Fire wire speeds, 400 and 800. It is a Seagate 500 GB external drive, Barracuda 7.200.9.

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I found out that the logic board is burned. Since I can't afford the unreasonable thousands of dollars the data recovery companies charge, I decided to try to buy a lgic board from another hd, replace it and see what happens.

But I'm not sure if only the part from an identical HD is good or if another board from a similar would also make it.

My HD model # is: ST3500841A, Ultra ATA, 500GB. I couldn't find it so far on eBay or other vendors for a reasonable price. On ebay, there're many similar items but none are "Ultra ATA". There're mostly "Sata" and I don't know if it would fit. The models available are mostly ST3500841AS, which are offered at a reasonable price: $ 31.- to $ 39.- Do anyone of you knows the facts? Please.


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Hard drive clicking is most commonly hard drive failure. It's usually made by the search arm repeatedly going back and forth. Go to your Applications folder > Utilities > Disk Utility and see if the drive shows up on the left and try to repair it. If so try repairing it. Also try a different cable and port if available. Here's a comprehensive discussion of common causes for hard drive clicking: http://harddriveclicking.net/

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+ sounds about right :-)


where you can see application folder?


@jembee can you see the hard drive icon on the desktop?



The link that is posted above [harddriveclicking.net] is not safe. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. It will take you to a ransomware website.

2019 June 20


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The hard disk controller is faulty. Do touch on hd controller (locate bottom of the hd) with finger, if feel hot in short time mean that chips is burning. If the controller damage, computer con't detect it's specification. The arm of all hard disk is no problem. The problem come from 'read/write head'is disconnected from edge of arm when it park long time on disk. Don't OFF your computer more than one month in time to avoid this phenomenon happens.

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