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The Samsung Notebook Series 9 15" laptop was released in 2012. At its release it was marketed as the thinnest laptop available, with an overall thickness of 0.58".

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I´ve a vertical white line in the screen that appear after my lapt hit

Hi Guys

My laptop was running out of thermal past and because I have it always on at home but I don´t use it very often, I didn´t realize about it, I only saw it one day that it just turned off running super hot.

I´ve open it, I put thermal past in the CPU and it works very well again, except for one very samall detail, a white small line appear in the screen and I´m not sure how to solve it, because I´m afraid that the display is fine, but eigther a connector or the video card can be damaged due to the high temperature.

I appreciate any help.



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Hi @mruizdia ,

Connect an external monitor to the laptop and check if its' display is OK.

(even a TV can be an external monitor if you have the correct cable and the TV has the appropriate inputs)

If it is OK then the GPU is OK and the problem is either with the LVDS cable or the LCD panel.

You did disconnect the battery after you opened up the laptop and before you worked on the repair, didn't you?

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The video chip may have a bad solder connection. Take a fine magnifying glass to it, and check for blackened or corroded contacts. If there are any, clean it off, use flux and a nice hot soldering iron, and apply a little solder to it. The LCD connector may also be faulty. Check on that too.

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