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My phone is broken and I don't know if its fixable

i dropped my iPhone 7 and its really cracked and the screen came off i was wondering if its fixable and how much it would cost if it is fixable.

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It’s for sure fixable. A screen replacement is all you should need and you can replace the screen itself with the guide here.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Screen

iPhone 7 Screen Изображение


iPhone 7 Screen


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Absolutely replaceable! You can do the repair yourself or take it to one of the many reputable independent repair shops or if you really want to Apple directly but personally I find them to be a horrible company to work with. If you do the repair yourself make sure you invest in a GOOD screen it’s worth the extra money. If you go to a repair shop I’d recommend somewhere that offers XO4 screens as they’re fairly close to OEM

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