Simple to use 35 mm manual focus SLR camera. Model number X-370.

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How do I unlock my camera?

The batteries in my camera seemed dead and when I changed them the shutter was still inoperative.I have been told that because the batteries went dead the camera is "locked up". How do I unlock it ?

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Seems this is a somewhat common issue

May be due to a failed capacitor.

Refer THIS post but the manual link is DEAD - trying to locate a good one for you


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THIS link is to a online version


Nice research. +


+ great link


Richdave...Wicked research and thank you very much. Confident I can fix it myself now.If you ever need any automotive advice I can help with that.Thanks again !!


NP :-) Happy to help


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Check to make sure the 'bars' on the shutter are all the way to the left and invisible. If you can see them, try pushing gently with a fingernail until they slide all the way left. This may unlock the camera.

Check the release capacitor on the bottom. If you see any green on the leads it is bad - heat one of the leads with a soldering iron - if you smell 'fish' then it is bad. If leads have leaked onto small circuit board, try cleaning with isopropoyl alcohol. If leakage is too bad, board will have to be replaced. Part is of course no longer available, as Minolta is out of business.

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