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Debuting in 2002, the first generation Sorento was a traditional truck-based body-on-frame SUV.

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Windows and turn signals not working.

My 2008 Kia Sorento the driver side window went down and wont go back up, At the same time my turn signals stopped working. Are these problems related ? And what should I check?

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Marilyn, were you able to figure this out? I have just developed the same problem with my 2009 Kia Sorento. I have checked the fuses for the hazards (#5) and the turn signal (#24), and I have checked the P/WIN Relay under the hood. I haven’t checked the flasher relay because I am not sure where it is.


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Hi @carson5 ,

Do your Hazard lights work?

If not then check if fuse #5 in the driver’s side fuse panel is OK. (see image - red box)

If the Hazards fuse is OK then there may be a problem with the flasher relay (used for the turn lights as well) which is located under the dash somewhere. Sorry I can’t be more specific. It is near the steering column I think.

If the hazard lights work OK then check that fuse #24 in the driver’s side fuse panel is OK (see image - blue box)

I don’t know your vehicle but does it have power windows front and rear?

If so, does the rear driver’s side power window work OK and do both the passenger side windows, front and rear work OK?

If both the front and rear passenger side windows work OK and both the driver side windows do not work then check the P/W (LH) fuse in the engine compartment main fuse block (see image - green box)

If the rear driver’s side window works OK then there may be a problem with the front driver side window regulator.

If all the windows don’t work then there may be a problem with the Power Window relay (P/WIN relay) in the engine compartment main fuse block or its’ operating circuit (see image - orange box)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi everyone. I also had a problem with my indicators not working and all windows not working. First found that the hazzards fuse was popped. Replaced the hazards fuse,so they were working but when I tested my indicators, the fuse no 24 at the driver door fuse box popped. Didn't have a nother 15 amp fuse ,installed a temporary 10 amp fuse to test with. Now all indicators, hazzards and windows are working!!!. If you remove fuse 24 at driver side door it which is the indicators fuse. Then your windows won't work.


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I don't know how old these questions are but for anyone in the future reading this. You have a blown brake light or faulty brake switch. Replace the brake lfirstlightsand while your at it replace the turn signal bulbs. If this doesnt fix (it will) check brake switch located at the brake pedal. This should be done last…. You're welcome.

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usually there is a blown fuse, that should be replaced…

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