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6th generation of Motorola's Moto G line. This phone was released in 2018 and features a glass back that is easier to remove than Samsung phones. Model numbers are XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, XT1925-12 and XT1925DL.

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Moto g6 Plus replacement screen and tool kit?


I was wondering if anyone from ifixit would be able to advise whether the store has any information regarding supplying this item Moto G5 Plus Screen - Genuine , but for the Motorola Moto G6 Plus (the replacement screen AND tools). I am aware of the recently added parts for the G6 and G6 Play, but unfortunately nothing for the G6 Plus.

Moto G5 Plus Screen - Genuine Изображение


Moto G5 Plus Screen - Genuine


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Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate it.

I’ll investigate whether its worth it or not like you mentioned.


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You can get an OEM replacement screen here.


They also have tools and basic repair kits (not as good as ifixit, but cheaper), but it still might be kind of expensive if you are only doing one repair.

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Absoluter Schwachsinn da für 30 Euro mehr es das Handy neu gibt

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