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Guides and repair information for the second-generation of the North American Honda Odyssey, produced between 1999 and 2004.

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Honda Odyssey 2003 interior control light switch not working..help!

When I try to control the interior lights with the switch on the dash by the radio nothing happens lights don’t come on and lights won’t go off. Lights will come on when doors are open and map lights work when pressed on and off I just can’t get the lights to work by the switch. I did check the fuse but I believe it’s only connected for the map lights but I’m not sure but the fuse is good for the interior lights/radio . I want to do this on my own but I don’t know how can anyone tell me what I need to do please . A mom with three kids unable to turn on the lights…makes for a bad day

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Can anyone help


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@r2bigdawgz I am not convinced that this is a switch issue. I’d suggest you check the relay first. Your Honda uses an interior light relay to protect switch and wiring.

Block Image

The location is a bit hard to find and listed as behind left side of the dash. Somewhere in this area.

Block Image

Check with your local auto parts store since they are usually pretty helpful in at least pointing you in the right direction. In the meantime I see if I have instructions for the interior light switch. Just in case…..

Okay here are the instruction on testing the switch and how to remove it

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Hope this helps and let us know how it is working out.

Update (03/10/2019)

Your interior light relay is a NormallY-open type A relay. If you do want to check the relay follow the instructions

Block Image

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