Sony KDL-40NX725 3 time blinking red light

I bought the TV from title with 3 time red blinking light error, hopping that I can fix it.

According to the Sony manual, 3 blinks mean that something is wrong with the main board, but I can’t find what’s wrong.

Here’s the explanation from the Sony manual for this model:

3X Blink- DC Regulator/Audio Error

The Audio error can occur due on of the following error conditions.

● Defective DC Regulator on Main Board

● Defective Audio Amplifier (Main Board)

● Loss of AU12V (Open F4200 on Main Board)

● Loss of AU12V (Open Fuse on Power Supply Board)

The only voltage present on the main board is 3.3V standby voltage on pin 10 of CN6001. No other voltages are present.

I’v also tried to find shorted capacitors on the main board but I didn’t had any luck, everything seems to be normal.

Strange thing is that I can’t find F4200 on main board, and I also don’t know where is the DC regulator?

I’v found the audio amplifier on the board (IC4601) but I don’t have another one to replace it so I was wondering will TV work without audio amplifier (IC4601)? My plan is to remove this IC from the board and then test the TV, in order to rule it out as bad component, but I’m not sure if TV can work without it.

Can someone help me?

Update (01/18/2019)

I also noticed that I don’t have standby voltage at conector on the power board when cable for the main board is unpluged. When cable from the main board is pluged in than 3.3v is present.

is this normal behavior for sony tv?

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