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Poulan p3314 chainsaw idle for a minute but won't run why?

Poulan p3314 will idle for a minute and die won't run full throttle or idle good either one what's wrong with it

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Ah those pesky little chain saw engines! There are a TON of Youtube videos that go step by step through this issue. Since it runs and is therefore probably not an ignition problem, the carb/fuel is the problem and could be a stiff pump diaphragm, out of adjustment (likely if you are lucky), fuel lines are old and sucking air making the mixture too lean and need to be replaced. I’ve had to replace lots of fuel lines. I buy it in bulk. Could be a bad pick up in the tank which is easy to check, and usually isn’t the problem.

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I rethought your problem and it sounds exactly like your fuel cap is not venting. If it runs for a minute, then everything else is probably good, but a vacuum develops in the gas tank and fuel will not deliver to the carb. Take the gas cap off temporarily and try it.


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Assuming it ran fine just recently, I’d change the gas. Dump it out, pump the primer bulb, blow out the tank with air, put in some brand new non alcohol gas/oil. See if that makes a difference

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