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Device name is Jensen 3 speed stereo turntable. Model is JTA-230.

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Tone Arm Skips / Turntable turns unevenly

1) The tone arm seems too lightweight and skips and skates over my records.

2) The turntable does not spin at an even rate. I am not referring to pitch control. I can clearly hear that the record is not playing evenly.

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sounds as if your anti skate needs adjustment, it should be almost the same as the counter weight adjustment , Also your belt should be replaced or if you have a direct drive it may be the motor speed adjustment or motor is malfunctioning there are manuals available on line

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Thank you for your response regarding the JTA-230 Turntable. There are just too many problems with this product that should not occur with a NEW out-of-the-box product. I had high expectations for this product based on the customer comments on Amazon as well as the price. Unfortunately, I will be returning it. Perhaps there is a better product out there.


i recently bought a dual 503 from used site for 100.00 works great ,most of all built right and use it daily unfortunately i fell for the cd racket and sold my old dual with records now kicking myself .best of luck


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Sometime you need to clean and check or replace your needle with a new one. Built up dust on the needle or stylus can can this. Or it may need the needle or stylus replaced.

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