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DJI’s ‘Selfie Drone,’ the DJI Spark, is a drone produced and released by DJI in May 2017. It is primarily used for taking photos and videos. A physical controller for the DJI Spark can also be purchased separately from the DJI Spark, or in a package with the DJI Spark called the ‘Fly More Combo.’

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Arm Broke Off My Drone

On my DJI Spark drone my arm of the drone completely broke off connecting to the propeller and how do I disassemble my drone from the cap(top part) from the main body?

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I glued it with crazy glue.


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Hey, there is a tutorial on the web, its not the most detailed one but maybe it can help you.


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It worked for me, so i’m still flying, it’s just that my clips on my batty are broken.

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