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USB cable torn out wires exposed? Repair?

My girlfriend was walking by my xbox and of course she didnt lift her feet and tripped over my cord...and now it is in two seperate pieces...the usb power cord is seperated....it has the normal copper wires and a blue wire and i tried to put them back together to no prevail...can i fix it or can i take it to a pc shop and just have them add a usb cord on to it???...thanks!

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ok these wires are insulated... This means you need to solder them back together.. there is a single wire inside each color.. twisting them will simply make matters worse.. I would cut them so there is a even wire that is not frayed and solder the ends back together.. this will work you just need to get a solder gun.. If u dont have one they are like 10 15 bucks at walmart..


wires are copper, red, green, copper wrapped in red, and copper wrapped in green. Sometimes blue....5 wires... do not untwist the 2 wires that are wrapped in copper.. they are supposed to be like that.. Im having trouble fixing my X11.. the wires inside the headset part came undone and I don't know where each wire goes on the circut board... NO ONE KNOWS... I have been looking forever and thought I might as well help someone else..

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Sure, this is pretty simple, just twist the wires together that should be connected (color coded), if you need more of the wire to show then strip them a little bit, then solder the wires so there's a good connection, and cover it all up with electrical tape.

If you need a little more help or if you aren't sure of anything post a picture of the cable and I'll help you out.

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