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Released in June of 2009, the 1005HA is identified by its "Seashell" design, and is available in many different varieties in regards to operating system, internal storage, and battery size.

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1005HA LVDS cable: Is 14G2235HA10 equal to 1422-00ML000?


Looking for a replacement LVDS display cable for my EEE PC 1005HA. It takes a 14G2235HA10, and I've seen some vendors advertise a cable labeled with both this number and 1422-00ML000. Other vendors use just one or the other of these numbers.

Anyone know whether the 14G2235HA10 and the 1422-00ML000 are exactly the same cable with the same connectors?

The ASUS support site lists only the former number (http://support.asus.com/Search/KDetail.a...).

Thanks for your help.


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My research suggests that the cable is the same but it is based on the information supplied by various vendors I have found on the internet - much like you have. I'd stick to the primary number on the faulty cable and/or the number provided by ASUS


Thanks much, Richdave! I took a chance and am happy to be able to answer this question affirmatively: the 14G2235HA10 IS apparently equivalent to the 1422-00ML000 cable.

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yes, they are compatible lcd cable

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