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Bose's first wireless noise-canceling headphones, praised for their industry-leading noise cancelation technology and comfort. Released in June of 2016.

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Replacement screws for over ear Bose Q35 headphones.

The screw to my ear piece fell out and now the earpiece is separated from the frame. Where do I get replacement parts.

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same issue. Couldn't find it anywhere online


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I found this as the answer


They sell them here from China

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go to a cell phone repair shop, they should have something that fits

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Forget Bose. They will offer a replacement for $200. This is the second - and last - pair of Bose headphones I will buy because this has happened to both pair. This is clearly a design flaw. There are questions about this all over the internet. Apparently it is a male-female screw specially made for Bose. I could drive to Bose in Framingham, MA, and pick up the screws, but no. Not available. There is probably a warehouse full of them in China. Try threading a thin plastic covered wire or tie through the holes as a temporary measure so you don’t damage the wiring.

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