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A metallic touchscreen notebook released in July 2013. The ASUS VivoBook S300CA-BBI5T01 has an Intel Core i73517U Processor that utilizes Windows 8, among other editions.

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My laptop won't turn on

My asus vivobook suffered from.a tea spill 3 months ago I opened up the back dryer out and it still won't turn on maybe power switch is broken please help

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Has it been working since the spill? Simply drying out the tea probably won’t have been sufficient - you need to clean it up with isopropyl alcohol.

Assuming the tea went in through the keyboard, you’ll probably have to remove the motherboard in order to clean its top surface. The tea probably won’t have done the keyboard any favours either.

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So it never turned back on once the tea spilled on it . And I took out the motherboard yesterday and wiped it down with rubbing alcohol. What next


Also there was no evidence of corrosion on the motherboard


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